How to Write an Anonymous Review on Google

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By GMB Ranger

In this modern world, a huge number of people are doing their business online. Almost all online businesses depend on reviews to engage their online traffic. Business owners can achieve the trust of customers by showing them proper good reviews. So, reviews are important for their business.

Maximum business owners think about how they can increase their positive reviews on Google. Is it possible to write an anonymous review on Google?

Well, many sites allow you to write an anonymous review. But, Google hasn’t allowed anonymous reviews since May 28, 2018.

What is Google Review?

Google Review is a feature of Google which was introduced in 2007. It is accepting customers’ feedback and showing feedback on their business page. There are five stars, writing, and image upload options.

Customers can give a rating out of five, also additionally can write something about the product or the seller, and upload product pictures. As a result, new customers can get a clear idea about the product.

Positive ratings and comments help the business to grow faster and negative ratings and comments decrease business growth. So, there is no chance to give a bad product or service if you want to run your business on Google.

Can You Write an Anonymous Review on Google?

As reviews are very important to grow an online business, business owners want to increase their positive reviews and the competitors want to give negative reviews to each other. So, can you leave an anonymous review on Google? The answer is a big “NO”. The reason is so simple, to protect businesses from these types of problems.

But, there are some tricks to writing anonymous reviews on Google.

By Creating a Fake Gmail Without Number

Yes, you can do this by creating a fake Gmail or Google account without any number. It is a great advantage for business owners. Because, by doing some steps business owners can leave an anonymous review on Google.

Here are the steps for creating a fake Gmail or Google without number :

  1. Open your Google Maps from your mobile or desktop.
  2. If you are already logged in then log out from Google Maps or clear the data of your Google Maps app.
  3. Search for your business where you can leave an anonymous review.
  4. Write a review and drop a rating about the business.
  5. After clicking the ‘Post’ button, it asks you to log in to your Google account, then you have to click “Create New Account” and you can write your fake name for a fake Gmail account. When it comes to the mobile number part you can easily skip this part by clicking the ‘Skip’ button.

By Changing Your Google Account’s Name

Another approach is to write an anonymous review by changing the name of your primary or any secondary gmail account. But, if Google can understand that, the review doesn’t follow their terms and conditions, then Google will delete it. So, this is not a safe method.

By using Third-party Platforms

Many third-party platforms give review writing services. You can contact them if you need anonymous reviews. But, those services are paid and risky at the same time. Because those services do not follow Google’s terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hide my name on Google reviews?

If you want to hide your name on Google reviews, you change the name of your Google account. You can use a fake name or use ‘anonymous’ as the first name.

Is liking a Google Review Anonymous?

This is anonymous. Business owners will never know who likes a Google review.

Can a Google Review be Traced?

Google can track your device IP Address when you drop a review on Google.

Can I See Who Viewed My Google Review?

No, you can only see the name of who left the review but you can’t see who viewed your Google review.

Can business owners delete reviews?

No, they don’t have any permission to delete Google reviews. But they can reply to those reviews.


Finally, we can say that you can not leave an anonymous review on Google. But you can do this by using some tips and tricks. 

Honestly speaking, google does not support tricky methods. Google always prefers legit reviews which helps the business to grow. So, always try to get honest and legitimate reviews from customers.

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