Why Is My Google Business Profile Not Publicly Visible?

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By GMB Ranger

Every day, people search on Google to get information about a wide range of topics. In the same way, when they’re struck with the necessity of availing a product or a service, Google is their go-to source.

That is why, having a Google business profile is essential for your company to maintain a sturdy online presence which can help attract new customers and take your business to the next level.

However, sometimes you may have created the profile and enlisted your business but even then, it does not show up publicly on Google Maps.

Sound familiar? Then worry not, because today we shall unlock the mystery of exactly that! It can be quite frustrating when this happens but usually, this issue is caused by a few common, fixable blunders. Keep reading to know them.

#1 Pending Verification

The most common reason for your Google business profile not showing up in public is that it has not been verified yet.

When you claim your business listing, it is crucial to verify it using one of Google’s multiple verification processes. Without it, Google can’t judge the authenticity of your business and hence won’t display it.

# 2 Verified but not visible

Sometimes, Google’s database may take some time to display new listings even after the verification is done.

Eventually, the business profiles will appear on Google Maps but if you want to ensure your profile is in the system, perform a search using Google Maps or enter the Google Maps app with the account you used to claim your listing. If a blue checkmark appears next to your business logo, then your business is verified and will show up in searches soon.

#3 Lack of significance

Your business may not be visible in response to important generic keywords due to a weaker online presence in comparison to your stronger competitors. Well-reputed and established businesses tend to get higher priority when it comes to visibility.

If you wanna fortify your online presence, consider encouraging your customers to leave out reviews, constantly update your profile with images and posts, and enlist your business in key local directories.

#4 Suspended listing

Your profile could be suspended and made invisible to searches if it violates any of Google’s guidelines. This means that your company won’t show up in searches.

To resolve this issue, review the guidelines, make necessary adjustments to comply with them, and ask Google to dismiss the suspension through their reinstatement form.

#5 Technical Issues

Many times, your profile may be invisible due to problematic bugs or glitches. In such cases, trying to access the profile with other devices will most likely solve the problem.

#6 Inaccurate  information

 Any wrong, incomplete, or backdated information will cause your profile to stay hidden. In cases where there are too many contrasting and incorrect data, Google will get confused and not know what to trust and what to ignore.

To avoid this, ensure that your company’s name, location, phone number, email address, and other details are devoid of any discrepancies or misinformation.


There might be many issues hindering your profile from going public but these are some of the most common ones.

Being aware of these and taking some small steps can ensure that your business does not miss out on the potential customers and exciting new opportunities that online visibility can provide you.

So without any further delays, start working on strengthening your Google business profile today and unlock your business’s full potential!

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