Increase Google Reviews And Prevent Negative Feedback

GMB Ranger Allows You to Send Review Requests via SMS and Prevent Negative Feedback from Annoying Customers!

Make Customer Feedback Easy


Improve Processes With Client Feedback

Invite customers to rate your business on Google Reviews via SMS through our landing page.

Periodically Request Customer Feedback

Send SMS Google Review requests on a regular interval with our easy system.


Defiance Negative Feedback

Our system doesn’t allow customers who want to provide Negative Feedback on your business page,

Privately Manage Negative Feedback

For 3-star reviews and below, receive feedback privately. Reply to customers via email to address the issues.

Send Review Request

Step-1: Send Review Request

With our system, you can send a review request to your customers via SMS. The customers will receive your SMS with a feedback link. Then the customers can give feedback through the landing page that is in our link. This landing page includes your business name, logo and address.

Allow Only Projective Feedback

Step-2: Allow Only Projective Feedback

If any customers wish to share positive feedback, they will be redirected to your Google My Business (GMB) page directly. Thus you can have only positive feedbacks filtering them from the initial stage.

Defiance With Negatives Feedback

Step-3: Defiance With Negatives Feedback

If any of your clients or customers want to provide negative feedback, they will receive a private feedback form. If they submit it, you will receive that feedback, but the feedbacks won’t be visible to your GMB page. Rather you can request your clients to explain the reasons why they are not satisfied with your service.

Privately Manage Negative Feedback

Step-4: Privately Manage Negative Feedback

Our system only allows positive reviews to appear on your GMB review page. If anyone provides a negative review with a rating below 3 stars, customers will be directed to a private feedback page. Meanwhile, you will still receive the review, but it won’t be visible to anyone.


Allana May


As a dentist, I appreciate how this system simplifies the process of collecting reviews from my patients. The ability to manage negative feedback privately is a game-changer for maintaining our online reputation.

Simon Coen

Restaurant Owner

Managing an eatery is tough, but this system makes it easier to get feedback from our customers. The privacy option for handling negative reviews is a must in the competitive restaurant industry.

Asim Faruk

Plumbing Company

Our plumbing business benefits greatly from the SMS review requests. It helps us gather feedback and improve our services. The feature to handle negative feedback privately is a fantastic way to maintain our image.

Anna Ferguson

Local Retail Shop

This solution has been a crucial for our local shop. The SMS review requests have helped us connect with our customers, and the ability to privately manage negative feedback has saved our reputation on more than one occasion.

Mark Allen

Hair Salon Owner

Running a hair salon demands consistent feedback from clients. This product’s SMS review requests ensure we receive valuable input, while the private handling of negative feedback lets us address issues discreetly.

Maria Cummings

Local Gym Owner

Our gym relies on customer feedback, and this product has streamlined the process. It allows us to request reviews via SMS and discreetly manage negative feedback, which is crucial in the fitness industry.

Our plans

Let’s GMBRanger Generate More Projective Feedback for You!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer A Monthly Subscription Plan?

No.. But, It was $9 per month with 15 free credits. But Now, you pay for each credit. However, we might bring back the monthly subscription option in the future.

What Can I Do With 1 Credit?

With 1 credit, you can send 1 SMS and utilize our system for various purposes. Each credit is valued at $1. Currently, there is no need for a monthly subscription, you can simply use credits as needed.

Will The Credits Expire?

No! The credits for all our paid plans have a lifetime validity. You don’t have to worry about the expiring. Your credits will remain available for use whenever you need them.

For which Countries The Service is Available Now?

Currently, we only are available in the USA. However, our team is actively working to expand our support to include additional countries. Stay tuned for updates as we are working to enhance our service and include more regions.

Do You Offer A Trial?

Yes, we provide a 5-credit free trial for every user! This allows you to test and experience our services before making a purchase. The best part is, no credit card is required for the trial. Feel free to explore our platform and see how it meets your needs.

How To Increase Google Reviews?

To increase Google reviews, first of all, make it easy for customers to share their thoughts! After their visit, send a friendly text with your review requests via GMBRanger and politely ask for their feedback. This process helps you get more positive reviews and boosts your online reputation. It’s like giving your business a thumbs up, increasing your website traffic .

How do we ensure the security of My customers data?

We ensure the security of your customer data by employing stringent measures. Your data remains private and inaccessible to anyone other than you. Even our system does not store your customer data on the admin panel. Admins are only able to access and view your credit history, and update credits as needed. This ensures that your data is securely managed within our system.