How to Leave a Google Review on Phone: Quick & Easy Steps

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By GMB Ranger

If you want to share your thoughts about a place on Google with your phone, you need to open the Google Maps app first. Look for the business you want to review, and then tap on ‘Write a review.’ Make sure you’re signed in to your Google account before you start. 

If you need help, just follow these steps on how to leave a Google review on your phone.

Step-by-Step Guideline: How to Leave a Google Review on a Phone

Step 1: Getting Started with Google Maps

To leave a Google review on your phone, start by downloading the Google Maps app. 

It’s available on both Android and iOS devices. Once installed, sign in with your Google account. This step is a must for writing reviews.

Next, find the business you want to review. You can search for it directly or browse the map. 

Select the business to see its details. Here you’ll find the ‘Write a review’ button. Tap it to begin sharing your experience.

Step 2: Preparing to Write Your Review

Preparing to write a review on your phone is simple. Start by choosing the right star rating for the business. One star means poor service, while five stars mean excellent.

Now, take a moment to think. Consider the service you received.

  • Was the staff friendly and helpful? 
  • Was the location clean and welcoming? 

Your experience matters. 

Write down your thoughts before crafting your review.

  • 1 Star Rating means > Poor service and experience
  • 2 Star Rating means > Fair – many things could be better
  • 3 Star Rating means > Average – good but not great
  • 4 Star Rating means > Very good – service was commendable
  • 5 Star Rating means > Excellent – exceeded all expectations

Step 3: Crafting Your Review

A thoughtful Google review can help businesses a lot. Share specifics about what stood out.

Talk about the help you got. Tell about the workers, how you felt, and the place’s vibe. Good comments say good things and bad comments say not-so-good things.

  • Think about what would help others in your review.
  • Mention the name of the service or product you used.
  • Highlight any employee who made your experience special.

When you share your thoughts, keep it simple for kids around 9 years old. Give tips or advice for people looking to buy stuff. Being honest helps others decide better.

Step 4: Posting The Review On Google

Leaving a Google review on your phone is a simple process. 

First, open the Google Maps app and sign in. Next, search for the business you wish to review. 

Once on the business page, scroll down to find and tap the “Write a Review” button.

Select the number of stars to rate the business, then write your review. Be honest and clear about your experience. 

Tap the post button to submit once you’re done. Your review will now be visible to other users.

Finding Solutions for Common Issues 

Do you find it hard to use Google reviews on your phone? Don’t worry! 

Follow the steps: 

  1. First, make sure your Google app is updated. If it’s not, it might cause problems. 
  2. Then, try turning your phone off and on again. That can sometimes fix the issue. 
  3. Check your internet connection. If it’s not connected, it might stop you from leaving reviews.
  4. Need to edit your review: Find your review in the Google Maps app and tap on it. Then hit the Edit button and make your changes. It’s that easy. Remember, only you can modify your review.
  5. Decided to delete a review: Just tap on your review and press the Delete button. Once confirmed, your review will vanish. However, this action is permanent, so be sure you want it gone for good.

How To Make Google Reviews Strong:

Add Photos:

First, find the place you went to in the Google Maps app. Click on it, scroll down, and tap ‘Write a Review’. 

You can make it better by adding pictures from your phone. Just tap the camera icon and choose photos or take new ones!

Good pictures help people know what to expect. Take pictures of the things you want to talk about, like the food or the place. 

After you write your thoughts and attach the pictures, check back later. If you have new ideas or if something has changed, update your review.


Can Anyone Write A Google Review?

Yes, anyone with a Google account can write a review. You simply need to find the business on Google Maps, scroll down to the reviews section, and select ‘Write a review. ‘

Is A Google Review Instantly Public?

Reviews usually show up right away, but sometimes Google waits a bit to make sure they’re okay and not spam or not nice.

Does Writing A Google Review Require Location Services?

You don’t have to turn on location services to write a review. It might make your review seem more trustworthy, but you can still post one without turning it on.

How To Edit Or Delete My Google Review?

To change or remove your review on Google Maps, go to ‘Your contributions’ in the Google Maps app. Click on ‘Reviews’ and pick the one you want to change or delete.


Leaving a Google review on your phone is easy and quick. Just follow those steps, share your experience, and tap ‘Post’. Your feedback helps businesses grow and show other customers what’s good.

So, if you like a service, take a moment to leave your Review.

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