How Long Do Google Reviews Last?

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By GMB Ranger

Google has become an integral part of our lives where Google reviews work to establish a community. Google reviews have a good impact on old and small businesses. It helps new customers build trust and encourages them to take services from the reviews given by others. 

So it is important to keep engaging with people to get more reviews and feedback. However, how long do Google reviews last? As a business owner, you must know the answer. And good news that Google reviews last forever. 

Let’s have a deep insight!

Why Are Google Reviews Important For Business?

People usually look for assurance before purchasing products or taking a service. Google Review has made the hassle easy for customers. One can easily search for the business to get to know what others are saying about the product or service. Google reviews are open worldwide for people to check.

So, When a customer reads through positive and negative reviews, it becomes easy for them to make a choice. Usually, customers don’t bother with negative reviews if it’s 3 months older.

Furthermore, Positive reviews can help a business profile rank on Google.Google algorithm uses specialized methods to check what people are saying about the business and if the comments are positive it automatically increases local SEO Ranking.

Do Google Reviews Expire?

Google reviews never expire. Once a customer posts it, it stays there even if the owner deletes the business account. So, all the Google reviews remain online forever.

Why A Google Review Might Be Removed?

Google’s algorithm is not specifically factors, but research suggests some factors that are:

  1. If there is no review posted for long, then the older ones might get hidden. Customers need to go to the review section to visit all reviews to see the older reviews
  2. Google can detect automated violations to prevent fake, offensive, generative, and spam reviews. This type of review automatically gets removed by Google.
  3. Reviews can get reported if they are violent or offensive, though they don’t get instantly removed. Google examines reviews and if those reviews are proven violent they get removed.
  4. A business profile’s Google review listing is automatically sorted by “Most Relevant”.That can make some comments invisible, though they can be seen by sorting the listing to  “View All”.
  5. The more reviews a business receives, the more the older ones get pushed down. Usually, Google displays only 3-4 reviews at a glance. Therefore, if a business has more than 4 reviews, it’s natural that not all of them will be visible unless one clicks to see all.

How To Show Off Positive Google Reviews?

Google’s Algorithm is designed to grow a business, that’s why it suggests engaging with customers constantly.

There’s no way to hide the negative reviews. So, google suggests getting a good impression to get more positive reviews. If there’s any negative review, other positive reviews can substantiate it.

Positive reviews can be shared on various social media platforms to attract potential customers. However, Google’s review section does not offer an option to pin outstanding reviews. 

The review section on Google is designed to be anonymous. However, some studies suggest that the reviews are mostly dependent on keywords and SEO.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the length of Google reviews?

A Google review must be no more than 4096 characters including letters, symbols, numbers, and spaces. One cannot write more if the limit is exceeded.

Can Google reviews be deleted by the owner?

Google prevents owners from deleting negative or bad reviews to provide an honest impression of the business. Thus the owner can offer the customers to edit their reviews.

It is risky to bribe customers to improve their reviews though that can create a bad impression as customers can manipulate the evidence in social media which will create a permanent bad impression for the business.


Google reviews are designed for customers as well as owners by helping parties equally. The owners must try getting positive reviews. However, they should work on the Google review strategy. 

Google encourages businesses to get more organic reach. So the owners should avoid creating fake reviews and buying reviews. Rather they should encourage customers to give reviews by attaching easy links to social media posts. 

Also, Owners should pay good attention to the negative ones. They can add replies to their good and bad reviews which will create a good impression of the business.

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