What Happens When You Report A Google Review

What Happens When You Report A Google Review

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By GMB Ranger

Google review is a review posted online in a Google business, service, or product platform. Like everything else, Google reviews can be both positive and negative.

Do you ever wonder what happens when you report a Google review? It doesn’t just disappear. There is a whole process behind it. 

And I am here to tell you all about it. But first, let’s find out if the reporting is always worth it or not.

Is Reporting A Google Review Worth It?

Suppose you are a business owner, one day you notice an inappropriate review about your business. Reporting such a review might seem to be the best move.

But is reporting a review always the best choice? Let’s discover the pros and cons of when you report a Google review. 

The Good side

When we find a review that seems false, there can be two possibilities. The first thing that ticks in our mind is whether a competitor is trying to demolish a business’s reputation. But it could also be from a real customer who had a bad experience. 

Reporting is a signal for Google to investigate whether the review being considered adheres to its guidelines. Based on the results, Google can remove or ban the reviewer from providing future reviews if the review is found spammy or offensive.

So, reporting helps to sustain an honest platform for customers to get genuine reviews. Moreover, this process protects small businesses from disreputation. 

The Bad Side

However, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes a reported review is just the result of a mere difference in view or understanding. 

On top of that, if this is the case, reporting may create unavoidable hurdles that in turn affect business esteem. So before you report a Google, review you must consider it carefully.

Detecting An Inappropriate Google Review

When you want to report a Google review, first you have to verify if the review goes against Google’s rules. Some commonly found acts of misconduct include:

  1. Reviews containing inappropriate or sexually abusive language.
  2. Review from paid brand promoters.
  3. Also, reviews that are not pertinent to the topic.
  4. In addition, look out for reviews containing personal details. (cell number, mailing address)

However, the review may not be removed if it doesn’t violate any of the mentioned rules. You can still report a review and give a detailed explanation in the comment section as to why you claim it needs to be removed.

Steps Taken After Reporting A Google Review

Suppose you’ve reported a review. What happens next? Let’s explore together what happens when you report a Google review.

Google’s Assessment Process

Google arranges a team of real humans (not robots) to inspect the reported review. They get down to the work of estimating whether the review contravenes any guidelines, mentioned earlier. They make certain that only valid reviews are seen by potential customers. 

Time Taken to Remove a Reported Review

It can take more or less thirty days for the reported review to be terminated by Google, depending on the schedules of Google’s Review Team. You have to keep endurance here. 

Google will let you know via email about the update on the reported review.

Feasible results of Reporting

Well, what do you anticipate after doing all this? There are two possible results when you report a Google Review. If the review violates the guidelines, it’ll be withdrawn.

But what happens if the review is just and relevant? Google may require the reviewer to assemble some edits. After that, the review stays intact in its place.

We shouldn’t forget that the aim is to provide a friendly platform for customers. So whether a review remains or vanishes, it’s for sustaining a dependable space for everyone. 

What Can You Do When Your Request Is Denied?

When you report a Google Review and your request is denied, I understand it can be quite demoralizing for you. But there are some other options still available for you.

For example, if the review is untrue, you may try to contact the reviewer directly to mark his trouble and boost your reputation for prospective customers.

Another way is to file a complaint in opposition to the reviewer via various third-party websites if they contravene their terms. The website will look into the complaint and detect whether the review should be removed or not. 


So, I hope now we know what happens when you report a Google Review. But let’s not forget that a considerate response is powerful enough to turn a negative review into a constructive discussion, reflecting your loyalty to your customers.

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