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How To Remove Bad Reviews From Google My Business: The Proven Steps

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By GMB Ranger

If you have a Google Business profile, sometimes you may get some negative reviews from your clients. Wondering what you should do to get rid of those annoying words? Well, you can crosscheck to know why they give you bad reviews, solve the issues, and finally remove them!

However, hence, GMB Ranger LLC can be a good option for you. This AI tool lets you prevent negative feedback to your Google profile. Even you can seek the explanation of your clients why they are not satisfied with your service.  

Let’s explore the proven steps on how to remove bad reviews from Google My Business. 

Why Do You Get Bad Reviews? Are You That Bad?

Google is not just a search engine, it’s a lifestyle. People search for things, and information to meet their needs, and a lot of them blindly trust what appears on the first page of the search result. Of course, you cannot blame them, google itself wants to create a trustworthy image. Here are the facts that you may consider here: 

First, look matters 

If you have a business, you need to use Google to spread your business, market it, and sell the product or service. Here comes the necessity of creating a good image for your business. Although it is not recommended to judge anything by first look, everyone does that.

Because people don’t have enough time to judge you by doing a character evaluation. As a result, you make a slight mistake, and here you go, you get a bad review.

Acknowledge your fault

Imagine someone took your product or service and was not satisfied. How annoyed can he or she be? It depends on his or her loss. But if someone left a bad review, it means he or she had to open his browser, go to the review section, and type. It seems an easy task, but in the case of good reviews, it doesn’t always happen. So it’s very probable that you made a mistake to make him or her unsatisfied. 

Sometimes it’s not about the fault

Bad reviews, especially the intensity of language, depend on the situation the reviewer was in when he or she left the review. If you are already having a bad day, everything is going against you, then suddenly the product you ordered comes out broken, won’t you be mad as well? These types of situations create misunderstanding, which is equally bad for your business.

Impact of reviews on your business

Even in offline hand-to-hand marketing, people take advice from their surrounding people. Taking advice or second-hand experience is the smartest thing to do while spending money on something. So when it comes to spending money online, people become more dependent upon reviews and experience stories from previous users. Some specific impacts of reviews on your business are –

Sales rate

The sales rate is like the banking system, who has money, gets the bank loan, rather than who needs it. When you get your first sale and the first positive review, you can be sure that you will get more and more customers. On the other hand, if you get some bad reviews at the starting point, a lot of hassles are waiting for you.

Influence on the potential customers

Research at Northwestern University found that, among the purchasers, the highest number of people were influenced by ratings and reviews. They found that the most influential rating was between 4.2 to 4.5.

This is evidence of strange human psychology. 5 stars reviews are not always trusted, because it creates suspicion that the review is paid. So people believe in organic, spontaneous reviews that include both good and bad ratings. 

Trust issues and reputation

Once you get a trustworthy reputation for your business, you can sit back and relax, your business will go sky high on its own. Then again, if you get a bad reputation, you can guess what you will have to face. So at the start of your business, you should focus on customer satisfaction. There is a saying, the customer is always right! 

Can you take every bad review down?

You have searched for this article, so we can assume you are searching for a way to take those brutal reviews down. Simply, you are searching for a delete button! But in reality, you already know that organic reviews are always imperfect, and a 4.5 rating can be better than a 5-star rating. So even if you could, you should not delete bad reviews. 

After getting a bad review, you have the opportunity to solve the issue. If you can satisfy the client, encourage him to leave a comment again. Hence, GMB ranger can be a game changer! 

In this way, people can see that you had a problem, which every business has, but you were able to solve the issue quickly. Overall, it will increase people’s trust in your service.

However, as all of the bad reviews are not always authentic or intentional, there are some ways you can remove them. Google has some policies to remove or take down bad reviews. If the review goes against any of their policies, they will take the review down.

Google’s policy behind the removal of reviews

There is a term called ‘inappropriate review,’ which Google doesn’t support. If you see a review that aligns with the below criteria, google will take action against it. 

  • Spam
  • Off-topic
  • Sexually inappropriate
  • Gambling, Alcohol, arms, adult contents.
  • Offensive language
  • Misleading
  • Bad review from competitors of the same business field.

Ways to remove bad reviews from Google My Business

Now, you know  that you can take down fake reviews. Some step-by-step processes can help you to do that.

Analyze the review 

Take a clear look, is it intentional writing to spread hate against your business? Does it contain overly negative language? If so, you can take action against it.

Report it

You can report an inappropriate review from Google My Business account. Log in, go to the comment section, select the report, and click ‘Report Review.’

Prove your claim with evidence

You have to provide evidence to establish your claim. Screenshots or emails can work as evidence. 

Wait and notify other clients

Usually, google gives the person who reported you around 14 days to respond. If the person fails to show cause or evidence behind his claim, google will take the review down.

In the meantime, You can take another step. Your clients are your asset, don’t forget it. You can request your previous clients to report the bad reviews as well. There’s a good chance that your satisfied clients will help you. 


If Google doesn’t take your report for granted, you can appeal for their support service. 

Use GMB Ranger To Prevent Negative Review From You Google Profile

It is far more better if know why your clients are not satisfied with your service or products. And thus you can easily prevent negative reviews as these reviews won’t be visible. With the GMB Ranger, only the positive review will be visible to your Google business profile.     

Last words

Reviews generally help customers, but they can help you if you are an honest service provider. Bad reviews are not always bad for your business, but if it seems like a harmful activity, you can try to resolve it. If it doesn’t work, you can try to take it down with the help of Google’s policy of reporting a review.

Hence, this guide on how to remove bad reviews from Google profile can let you solve this issue with ease. 

Hence, AI tool like GMB Ranger can let you analyze your customer satisfaction and thus you can even easily prevent negative feedback. 


Can I turn the Google My Business review system off?

No, you cannot. However, it is possible to take the hateful and spam reviews down.

How can I respond to the reviews on my Google My Business account?

Log in to your account, select the review, and reply. It will appear as a ‘response from the owner.’

Is Business Profile and Google My Business the same?

Yes, previously known as Google My Business recently changed the name to Business Profile.

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