Business Settings

Business Create / Settings #

  • Business Name: You’re business name.
  • GMB Review URL: You google my business review URL.

Here is how: [More details]

  • Address: Your GMB Address [In short is better]
  • Logo: For best fit use logo 380px X 80px image
  • Country: You country here
  • Status: Make this Active
  • Short Url: You don’t need to do anything
  • Slug: You don’t need to do anything

SMS Preview: [Most Important] #

  • {{first_name}} is: Customer’s first name
  • {{business_name}} is: You’re business name
  • {{short_url}} is: Landing page short URL
  • {{full_name}} is: Your name on account

Samples SMS Preview #

Make this in short, under 200 to 250 characters. SMS will not delivered if text is long. There are two template available.

Hi {{first_name}},
Thank you for visiting {{business_name}}
We sincerely appreciate your feedback!
If you have a moment, Please provide us a feedback: {{short_url}}

Template-1: Businesses that Customers Visit

Hi {{first_name}},
We hope you enjoyed {{business_name}}’s work. If you have a moment, we would really appreciate your feedback about your experience.
Here is the link: {{short_url}}

Template-2: Businesses that Visit Customer’s Home Or Place

If you need any support please contact us.

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