How Can I Get More Free Credits?

Signup Bonus: 5 FREE Credits #

Just signup & get 5 FREE Credits to test and use our system.

Social Share: 5 FREE Credits #

Visit the link and share the ‘Share on Twitter‘ or ‘Share on Facebook‘ “Share on LinkedIn” box on your social media profile or page. Ensure that your profile is real and matches your accounts. The post must be public.


For Facebook & LinkedIn Share: Copy & Paste the caption on your LinkedIn feed.

Mention On YouTube Video: 10 FREE Credits #

Mention our name ‘GMB Ranger’ in any of your videos and talk about it.

Example: If you want to increase Google reviews and prevent negative feedback, consider trying out GMB Ranger.

Review Video: 20 FREE Credits #

If you create a GMB Ranger review video and upload it to your channel publicly, you will receive 20 credits.

Condition #

  • Ensure all profiles are real and match your accounts.
  • For YouTube, the channel must be authentic.
  • Avoid any spammy methods for self-promotion.

Contact us with your shared link, and you will receive free credits after review. Email us

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