Features & Update

Current Features: #

  1. Send SMS:
    • Functionality implemented for sending SMS through the platform.
  2. Landing Page:
    • Landing page is set up and operational.
  3. Feedback Management:
    • Positive feedback (4 & 5-star reviews) is directed to the GMB page.
    • Negative feedback (1, 2 & 3-star reviews) leads users to a custom feedback page.

Upcoming Features: #

  1. Access GMB Page:
    • Implement a feature to access and interact with the Google My Business page directly through our platform.
  2. Review Management:
    • Enable users to manage and respond to reviews directly on our website.
  3. Future Updates:
    • Plan for continuous updates and additional features in the pipeline.

To-Do List: #

  1. Current Features Check:
    • Ensure that existing features such as SMS sending, landing page, and feedback management are working seamlessly.
  2. User Interface Enhancement:
    • Evaluate and improve the user interface for a better user experience.
  3. Beta Testing:
    • Conduct beta testing to gather user feedback and identify any potential issues.
  4. GMB Integration:
    • Develop the functionality to access and integrate with the Google My Business page.
  5. Review Reply System:
    • Implement a system for users to manage and reply to reviews within our platform.
  6. Documentation:
    • Create user guides and documentation for the new features.
  7. Feedback Loop:
    • Establish a feedback loop with users to gather insights for continuous improvement.
  8. Future Feature Planning:
    • Begin planning for additional features and updates beyond the current roadmap.

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